'Signs Of Love'
2022 Rome Film Festival winner 'Corbucci Award'
2022 Brooklyn Film Festival winner 'Best New Director', 'Best Actress'
2022 Breck Film Festival winner 'Best Drama', 'Best Writer', 'Best Actor'
'Counting Wolves'
US Forest Service pilots fly personnel and supplies to Isle Royale, Michigan, supporting the island's wolf-moose study. The longest running predator-prey study in the world.
'Fifty Lakes One Island'
Filmmaker George Desort brings the viewer on a transcendental journey through the woods and waters of Isle Royale over two, 40-day adventures.

'Terrible Accident At The Bread Factory'
After falling into an industrial cooking vat, Marty's coworkers welcome him back to the bakery with an extravagant party.

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